Safety Communications Toolkit

The safety of our campus community is our number one priority.  All are welcome to utilize the safety communications toolkit below, which includes safety resources to share with others.

Buckeye Alert Fact Sheet
Active Aggressor Response Poster
Active Aggressor Response Video

Please watch the active aggressor video for information about responding to an active shooter situation.

Emergency Procedures

Please read emergency procedures to learn more about what you should do during an emergency.

Safety Tips

Please read safety tips to learn more how to help make the campus safer for everyone.

Safety Tips and Fact Sheet

E-newsletter Messages

Register to Receive Buckeye Alerts

If your cell phone number is already in Workday(for faculty/staff) or BuckeyeLink (for students), then you are automatically registered for the Buckeye Alert text messaging system. Faculty, staff and students have the ability to register up to two additional cell phone numbers to receive text message notifications. These additional phone numbers can belong to parents, spouses or anyone else they wish to include in the text message notifications.  In addition, you may also opt-in to receive notifications from multiple Ohio State campuses. More information about alert notices is available at

Off-Campus Community Crime Map

The Community Crime Map consists of statistics from the Columbus Division of Police (CPD) and shows off-campus crime reports. Ohio State has pre-programmed the map to a one-mile radius to include the crime reports from the most recent 7-day period. The default crime categories are predetermined by Lexis Nexis. Users can also set up customized email alerts. Stay informed of crime reports in your neighborhood by visiting the Community Crime Map.


Watch the Active Aggressor Video

It’s scary to think about, but an active aggressor could strike any place, at any time. That’s why Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety has a “Surviving an Active Aggressor” video to educate the campus community. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our top priority and we encourage all Buckeyes to watch. We encourage everyone to report suspicious behavior on campus to OSUPD (614-292-2121) or off-campus to CPD (614-645-4545). Always dial 911 in emergencies.


Lyft Ride Smart at Ohio State

Lyft Ride Smart at Ohio State offers eligible students discounted rides from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. inside the university-designated service area. For those new to the program, Ohio State will contribute $4, per ride, and the remainder will be paid by the rider. Prices may be impacted by distance, traffic, time of day, special events and prime time surcharges.


Free Safety App for Ohio State Community

Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety offers a free safety app for students, faculty and staff. Rave Guardian offers many benefits including faster delivery of Buckeye Alerts and Public Safety Notices via push-notifications. The app also allows users to select friends or family to follow them via GPS tracking as they travel on and around campus. The app serves as a virtual guardian with a timer based on your destination. Download today inside the Ohio State app, under the safety tab.


Free safety devices for students

The Office of Student Life's Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services offers students free window and door alarms and smart plugs to increase their home security. Deterrence tools can play a big role in helping to prevent crimes. Access to the devices is easy. Students fill out a simple form and arrange a time to pick up the devices at the Ohio Union.


Add the Non-Emergency OSU Police Number to Your Phone

Your safety is our number priority. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to add the non-emergency OSU Police number to your phone as a contact and to follow us on Twitter at @OSUPolice( and @OSU_EMFP. Always report suspicious behavior on campus to University Police at 614-292-2121 or off-campus to Columbus Police at 614-645-4545. Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency. Visit Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety for more safety resources.


Stay Safe, Buckeyes Safety Class

This online safety class helps students enhance their own safety on and off-campus. The one-hour, video-based module is available in BuckeyeLearn and covers topics such as crime prevention, crime reporting, responding to people on the street who aggressively ask for money and more. Brought to you by the Task Force on Community Safety and Well-Being, learn how to enhance your own safety from the comfort of your couch.


Be Alert and Walk with a Friend

Your safety is our top priority. Always be alert, aware of your surroundings and walk with a friend when possible.  Keep your eyes up and your earbuds out when traveling and around campus. Wear light colored clothing at night. Visit Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety for more safety tips.


Stay Safe: Keep Strangers Out

Be vigilant and pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Whether you live on campus or off, don’t let unknown persons into your residence hall or house. On campus, prevent “tailgating” into residence halls by making sure individuals behind you use their own BuckID for entrance. If you notice something strange, notify OSUPD at 614-292-2121 (on-campus) or CPD at 614-645-4545 (off-campus). Always dial 9-1-1 in emergencies.


Public Safety Resources

Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety has released a video to highlight safety resources available to the campus community. Everyone can learn how to Survive an Active Aggressor and gain access to a free virtual guardian app. Students can discover ridesharing discounts and where to obtain free window and door alarms. Please take a moment to watch and help make safety a top priority for all Buckeyes.


Safety Spotlight Video Series

The Ohio State University's Department of Public Safety has relaunched its Safety Spotlight video series featuring resources available to the campus community. In response to student feedback, the series also includes self-defense tactics normally taught in OSUPD's Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) classes that were postponed because of COVID-19. Please take a moment to watch the 10-part series.


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