With a virtual guardian you're not alone. Download Rave Guardian.

Rave Guardian

With a Virtual Guardian, You’re Not Alone.

Rave Guardian allows you to select friends or family as a virtual guardian to follow you via GPS tracking, using a destination-based timer. If time expires, your virtual guardian will be alerted and encouraged to make appropriate follow-up. Rave Guardian also includes faster delivery of Buckeye Alerts and safety notices via push-notifications. Download "Rave Guardian" today.

Using Rave Guardian Safety Timers

  1. The Rave Guardian app is available to download for all students, faculty and staff signed up for Buckeye Alerts.
  2. Once inside the Rave Guardian app, click on the safety timer.
  3. Enable location and notification services so that your guardian can locate you.
  4. Select your guardian from your contact list.
  5. ­Add information you want your guardian to know about your trip (ie. where you are going, if you are stopping along the way, who you might be visiting).
  6. Adjust the timer slider to your estimated travel time.
  7. Click “confirm your trip.” This will activate the timer and send a text message to your guardian to request that they follow you during your trip.
  8. Deactivate the timer when your trip is complete.

Download Safety Timer Instructions


Who can use the service?

  • The Rave Guardian app is available to download for students, faculty and staff with a university username and password  (name.#) who have signed up for Buckeye Alerts.

Does my guardian need to download the Rave Guardian App?

  • No. They will be sent a text message with a web link to monitor your safety timer.

Can I add more time to the safety timer?

  • Yes, you can add 5 minute increments to your trip time.

Can I complete a trip early?

  • Yes. Be sure to deactivate the session when you arrive at your destination safely.

What happens if I do not deactivate my safety timer?

  • If time expires, your guardian will be alerted and encouraged to make appropriate follow-up.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

  • You may active the duress button on the safety timer or call 9-1-1.

Do you archive my travel history?

  • No. GPS data is only available during active session and is not stored.

What Will My Guardian See?

  • Once you “confirm your trip,” your guardian will receive a text message requesting them to follow you.
  • Once they agree, they will see a view of your walking path and a safety timer countdown.
  • They will receive a notification when you deactivate the timer. If time expires, your guardian will be alerted and encouraged to make appropriate follow-up.
Additional Tips
  • If you see something, say something: report suspicious behavior to University Police (614-292-2121) or off-campus Columbus Police (614-645-4545). Always dial 9-1-1 in emergencies.
  • Increase your overall safety by being cautious and looking out for one another.
  • Be alert and make smart choices when traveling.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and look assertive.
  • Walk with a trusted friend or co-worker, when possible, especially at night.
  • Utilize transportation services, like the free Campus Area Bus Service (CABS). Track CABS in real-time via the Ohio State app. Students also have access to the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) bus system. In addition, Lyft Ride Smart at Ohio State offers late-night ridesharing for students.
  • Review these safety tips for additional information.