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Crime Prevention and Reporting

  • Crime Prevention 
  • How to Report a Crime 
  • ​Fire Safety 
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Personal Safety

  • Self-Defense
  • Panhandling 
  • Party Smart 
  • Harassing Behavior
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Safety Resources and Education

  • Police Engagement
  • Mental Health
  • Community Crime Map

Ohio State works 24/7 to enhance campus safety, and you can help by taking individual and collective action to help promote a safer community. This new, online safety class teaches students through scenario-based exercises and engaging videos. Learn how to enhance your own safety from the comfort of your couch and on your own schedule. 

The one-hour, video-based class module is available in BuckeyeLearn and covers topics such as crime prevention, how to report a crime, responding to people on the street who aggressively ask for money, self-defense, mental health and more. 

Ohio State’s Task Force on Community Safety and Well-Being worked with students, faculty, law enforcement, mental health professionals and other key stakeholders to develop this new resource.

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