Plan an Event

A "special event" can include but is not limited to conferences, parties, dances, rallies, protests, dignitaries, VIPs, politician appearances, concerts, special speakers, 5K runs, walks, fun-runs, athletic or sporting events, etc.

Requirements and Guidelines

  • To begin the planning process for a special event on campus, the event coordinator of the sponsoring organization must contact and receive approval from the departments listed below as soon as the event planning process begins.
  • Allow a minimum of 3 weeks before the event to secure all approvals. The sponsoring organization is responsible for paying for all costs incurred that are associated with their event.
  • At least two weeks before the event, the event coordinator must submit an Event Notification Form to CampusParc for parking and transportation accommodations. 
  • Be sure to always follow our Event Safety guidelines, including information about tents, grills and inflatables, to ensure a safe and fun event for all attendees.
  • Planning events on the Oval and other outdoor locations

Best Fans in the Land

As Buckeye Nation prepares for football games, the Ohio State Department of Athletics encourages all fans to continue to be the BEST FANS IN THE LAND. 

Show Respect:  As Buckeyes, it is essential to initiate and foster a friendly environment for which we can all be proud.

Know the Rules: The Ohio State Football Game Day web page provides complete information for Buckeye fans and visitors, including stadium policies, parking information and transportation options. Fans and visitors are reminded:

  1. The possession and consumption of alcohol are subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Ohio and City of Columbus, which state that no person shall have in the person’s possession an opened container of beer or intoxicating liquor in any public place. 
  2. Trailers, storage units, and tailgating activities may not take up vacant parking spaces or interfere with traffic flow within a parking lot.  
  3. Tent frames may not be attached to University furniture, trees, or light poles.  Tents or fencing requiring staking may not be set up without prior approval. It is recommended that expandable 10x10 “pop-up” tents be used when possible.

Report Problems: Outstanding service or issues that need to be addressed can be communicated by texting BRUTUS with the Issue and Location to 69050 or by filling out a comment card that may be obtained at Guest Services Booths at Gate 13, Gate 14 or Gate 38. 

No Drones:  The Federal Aviation Administration has classified airspace above Ohio Stadium as National Defense Airspace. A Temporary Flight Restriction is in effect one hour before each home football game starts and continues until one hour after the end of the games. All aircraft operations, including parachute jumping, unmanned aircraft systems and remote controlled aircraft such as drones, are prohibited within three miles of Ohio Stadium. Anyone found operating a UAS/drone in violation of applicable laws or university policies could be asked to leave campus and/or could be subject to arrest or criminal prosecution. For additional information, see the unmanned aircraft system flights requirements.

By Being the Best Fans in the Land, Ohio State can proudly promote good sportsmanship and provide a remarkable Saturday for all fans.



For parking arrangements. Must contact for any event with more than 100 estimated attendees. |

Facilities Operations and Development

For assistance coordinating classroom bells, trash, recycling, heating and cooling, and more.

614-292-HELP |

Scheduling Office

For all outdoor event requests please visit: |

Event Venue Guide

To explore different event venues on campus plus links for catering and conference services:

Public Safety Special Events

For police, security, traffic, first aid, and emergency services. 

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Transportation and Traffic Management

For traffic, road closure, and bus route information. Must contact for any event with more than 100 estimated attendees. |