Central Campus Security Services

The Central Campus Security Services division began its service to the university in the fall of 1989. Through the years Central Campus Security Services has been the creative laboratory of innovation that today are now considered standard industry security practices. We will remain fiscally responsible, maintaining professional, compassionate and inclusive security services.

What We Do

While our service to the university began with protecting cultural property at the Wexner Center for the Arts, it does not tell the full story. We provide hospitality security for our partners at the Blackwell Hotel, residential and dining hall security for Student Life at the north and south residences, and venue protection at Schottenstein and Ohio Stadium to name a few. In order to serve the students, faculty and staff of this great university we take a global approach to the service we provide. Our selection process, training and progression of our security staff serves as an example for the security profession in both the public and private sectors. Our team includes Buckeye Block Watch and Campus Service Officers. Learn more below.

Buckeye Block Watch

Buckeye Block Watch promotes a safe and welcoming community in the University District. These non-sworn security patrols act as eyes and ears for safety concerns, offering resources and information while reporting suspicious activity.   

Buckeye Block Watch patrols in the University District neighborhood each night from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. Additional coverage will be added on home football game days. Patrols are on foot, on bikes and in a Buckeye Block Watch vehicle. They are not sworn law enforcement officers, and will not have arrest powers or carry firearms.

Buckeye Block Watch individuals receive extensive training in how to deal with difficult situations, and learn best practices for public engagement, including mental health responses, first aid and CPR.

Campus Service Officers

Campus Service Officers (CSO) add another layer to support police, Ohio State security, and other safety resources. Students with an interest in law enforcement, or security, perform in-vehicle safety patrols both on and off-campus. CSO’s are paired up and serve as an extra set of eyes and ears. Formerly, the student security program was called Student Safety Service and some previous alumni have gone onto careers with OSUPD and CPD.

Student Campus Service Officers