Safety Video Wins Regional Emmy

One of The Ohio State University's best safety resources received regional honors this week. The university's Surviving an Active Aggressor video (watch), produced in 2018, won an Ohio Valley Chapter Emmy award in the category of Short Format Program - Informational.

The award was one of six received by WOSU Public Media who produced the 9-minute educational video. OSUPD Officer Cassi Shaffer was among the award recipients for her role as the narrator. Fellow team members receiving the award included WOSU's Ben Bays, Diana Bergemann, Ryan Hitchcock and Gary Orr along with Ohio State Administration and Planning's Dan Hedman and Jon Griffith.

The Surviving an Active Aggressor video debuted in August 2018 and updated the university's fellow Emmy-award winning piece titled "Surviving an Active Shooter." Safety remains a top priority and the active aggressor video has nearly 200,000 views to date while the original is nearing 2 million. Each year, all incoming students are required to watch the active aggressor video as part of the new student orientation checklist.

The updated video goes into additional detail while expanding on the Run, Hide, Fight safety tips. A few key additions include:

  • How to exit through first floor windows, when necessary
  • More detail on how to shelter in place
  • Additional detail on locking and barricading interior doors (and not to worry about exterior doors)
  • What to do if the room you’re in does not lock: relocate, if possible, or barricade entryways
  • If forced to fight, throw books, bags and other objects and swarm the attacker as a group
  • A reminder not to not call 9-1-1 to ask for information, only to report information
  • A reminder that updates will be shared via Buckeye Alert or at

Whatever option a person chooses is dependent on the information they have available at the time and their proximity to danger.