Fire Log

Below are the fire log statistics for the Columbus campus residence halls. View statistics for the regional campuses (Mansfield, Newark, Wooster).

Columbus Campus
Date Occurred Sort ascending Time Occurred Date Reported Building Name Cause Explanation Value of Property Damage # of Fire Related Injuries # of Fire Related Deaths
8:41 am Residence on Tenth Currently undetermined Fire in 5th floor apartment. Awaiting fire report for additional information $50,000
1:36 am Barrett House Unintentional Aluminum used in a microwave - small, momentary fire $500
12:30 pm Park-Stradley Unintentional Dryer fire - Mechanical malfunction $3,000
3:00 pm Fechko House Unintentional Unattended food on stove caught fire $20
2:15 pm Lincoln Tower Unintentional Small fire caused by malfunctioning toaster $25,000
3:00 pm Mack Hall Intentional Paper decoration on wall in 3rd floor hallway was burned $0
7:45 pm Neil Building Unintentional Burned food in microwave $250
7:45 am Scott House Intentional Cotton ball inside of microwave caught fire $0
12:00 am Morrill Tower Intentional Student lit body spray on fire as it sprayed from the bottle $0
4:30 pm Bradley/Paterson Unintentional Burned food $100
1:45 am Residence on 10th Unintentional Small cooking fire - popcorn $200
1:15 pm Blackburn House Intentional Student used a lighter to burn a stray thread off of clothing $0
11:45 pm Lincoln Tower Unintentional Sparkler on a birthday cake caused a small fire on a trash can $100
12:30 pm Drackett Tower Unintentional Batteries sitting on a window sill spontaneously caught fire $10
7:15 pm Residence on 10th Unintentional Small grease fire from cooking $200
1:30 pm Scholars East Intentional Burn mark on paper hanging on wall $0