Student Safety Service

Student Safety Service

The mission of the Student Safety Service is to provide safe passage to and from campus area locations for members of The Ohio State University community, to assist the Department of Public Safety by using non-physical intervention techniques to detect and prevent criminal activity, and report health, safety, and environmental hazards.

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Our Vision

This program is a service to The Ohio State University community. Student Safety Service is most aptly viewed as an extension of the "eyes and ears" of the Department of Public Safety.

It is expected that through this job, an individual can improve/maintain the security and overall well-being of The Ohio State University by escorting members of the university community, providing a first response to medical emergencies using CPR/AED/First Aid training, alerting the Department of Public Safety of criminal/suspicious activity, advising the proper authority as to safety/maintenance needs on campus, communicating with the public at large, and building public relations within and surrounding our organization. 

Student Safety Service provides student employees with knowledge and experience necessary to evaluate career opportunities in law enforcement, criminal justice, and other fields.


Our Values

Student Safety Service follows the same set of core values that the Ohio State police officers observe:

Service: The principle of assisting others who need our help and the setting aside of our individual needs to accomplish our goal.

Innovation: The commitment to generating and discovering new ideas and processes through creative inquiry.

Respect: Treating all individuals with courtesy and dignity.

Integrity: Our duties are performed with the utmost honesty, consistency of character and ethical standards.

Diversity: The acceptance and appreciation of the differences in culture, thought, and experiences of all individuals and to integrate those differences in all we do.


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Student Safety Service

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