Radio Request Form

Action Required for Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS) Radio Users

Starting July 2025, MARCS will be implementing new dual layered security as part of a statewide security effort. Please review the information to see if it applies to your department.

Motorola XTS/XTL Radios:

  • If the required security update wasn’t purchased before June 2022, these model radios will cease operating July 2025.

Motorola APX Radios:

  • If purchased before July 2019, the required security update will need purchased.
  • If purchased after July 2019, no further action is needed.

Please contact Ohio State Public Safety’s Connor Seymour ( for additional information.

Phone: 614-292-2121


This form should be used to inquire about radios for rental or purchase in accordance with University Policy 2.21 Purchasing.