Procedures to Follow


  1. Try to remain calm.
  2. Move to the lowest level of the building, preferably in the middle of the building away from doors and windows.
  3. If you cannot make it to the lowest level, seek shelter in a small room under a table or something sturdy.
  4. Do not use elevators.


  1. Try to remain calm.
  2. Find a ditch, streambed, or ravine to lie flat with your head covered.
  3. Never use overpasses as a cover during a tornado.
  4. NEVER open car windows to equalize pressure.

Warning Communications

  1. Tornado Watch: Conditions are favorable for a tornado.
  2. Tornado Warning: A tornado has been spotted in the county. Seek shelter immediately.
  3. Warning Sirens: Initiates during a tornado warning and will sound for three minutes followed by seven minutes of silence.
  4. Shelter-in-place until the tornado warning “expires”.

Information to Know

  • Location of interior corridors
  • Evacuation routes/procedures
  • Shelter-in-place procedures