Security with Style

Ohio State Department of Public Safety’s Titilayo Mumuni has a special dedication to her work. Mumuni is a security officer for the Wexner Center for the Arts. To Mumuni, the Wexner Center isn't just a building to secure, it’s a place where she can display one of her passions.

Visually, the only constant is her badge and uniform, as Mumuni often adapts her hairstyle to the theme of the most current exhibition at the Wexner Center. For the Formal Education of Black Mountain College exhibit, Mumuni wore her hair long and free-flowing. For another exhibit, Mumuni wore beads in her hair to match the artistic style of featured artist Noah Purifoy.

"It’s very customary with me, with each exhibition,” Mumuni told

“They usually have publications before the actual exhibition. So as a security officer, it gives me the opportunity to research the artist, the artworks, or any adjunct thing concerning the exhibition. Then I look for the theme that I want my hair to fit and the atmosphere of the exhibition, without necessarily altering the dress code.”

Mumuni’s story was recently featured on the Wexner Center for the Arts website.