Safety Tips

Safety Tips

By following these safety tips, you can help make the campus area safer for everyone:

Be alert and make smart choices.

Walk with a friend.

Focus on your surroundings, not your phone or electronics.

Know your route and the quickest way to get help.

Know the locations of emergency telephones.

Use Lyft Ride Smart for rides on and near campus.

If You Are a Victim of a Crime

Follow these tips:

Try to get a useful description of the assailant.

Go to a safe location close to the crime scene and call the police immediately using 9-1-1.

Ask witnesses to stay and make a statement to the police.

Holiday and Vacation Tips

Before leaving your campus residence for the weekend or holidays, consider a few security issues:

Take items of value home.

Lock all doors and windows.

Disconnect electrical extensions.

Record serial numbers of your devices.

Do not leave money, checks, ID or credit cards in your room.

If something is missing when you return, alert the police immediately.