Public Safety Notice - Columbus - March 24, 2023

Dear Ohio State Community Member:

You are receiving this notice because a crime has occurred that is considered to be of a concern and/or a continuing threat to the campus community.

The purpose of this message is to heighten your safety awareness by providing community members with information necessary to take appropriate precautions, enable you to take actions to help increase your safety, and to aid in the prevention of similar crimes.

Public Safety Notice For:
Campus Area,
Residence Halls
Friday, March 24, 2023
Alert Code:
The following crime occurred in:
Residence Halls

On 3/22/2023 at 12:13 p.m., reports indicate a male suspect followed students who used their IDs to swipe (tailgated) into Scott House Residence Hall and proceeded into a women’s restroom. An Ohio State student reported that the suspect knocked on her shower stall door and waved for her to join him in another stall. The student left the area immediately. No injuries were reported. The suspect is not affiliated with Ohio State, meaning he is not a student, faculty or staff member of the university.

The suspect is described as 5’ 11” tall and weighing 135 lbs. While investigating this incident, the Ohio State University Police Division (OSUPD) learned from the Columbus Division of Police (CPD) that he is also believed to be a suspect in other related incidents off campus. A warrant for burglary has been issued for his arrest and OSUPD and CPD are collaborating to locate him.

Photos of the suspect are shown below. Anyone with information related to this crime, or who sees this individual, should immediately contact OSUPD by calling 614-292-2121.

Suspect - Image 1


Suspect - Image 2


Suspect - Image 3