Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Safety is the university’s top priority and Facilities Operations and Development (FOD), CampusParc, Transportation & Traffic Management (TTM) and the Department of Public Safety work together to offer services during the winter months to keep you safe. As snow and ice start to collect, FOD teams are dispatched to treat campus roadways and sidewalks. They remain on campus throughout the day and night treating and plowing as needed. CampusParc crews will also be on campus treating parking lots and garages, with garage rooftops remaining open, when possible. Learn more on the CampusParc website.

While customers may still see snow in the areas, our facilities crew will do its best to keep pathways clear.  It is important to note that several factors can impact the time needed to treat roadways, sidewalks and parking areas. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Temperature
  • Amount of snow accumulation
  • Wind levels
  • Time of day when inclement weather occurs
  • Day of week (weekday vs. weekend)
  • Campus events

TTM will continue to offer bus service, but you are encouraged to utilize the Ohio State app for real-time CABS tracking to stay updated on CABS service offerings. Transportation and Traffic Management’s (TTM) paratransit service provides curb to curb transportation to all students, faculty and staff with a permanent or temporary disability. Riders need to be registered prior to service. Service is available on and off-campus within university boundaries. TTM transit and paratransit vehicles are all ADA accessible. Learn more on the Transportation and Traffic Management website.

Ohio State’s Emergency Management team will continue to monitor weather and share significant updates online as well as via Twitter @OSU_EMFP.  

Please exercise caution during inclement weather and be prepared.  When traveling plan ahead, allow extra time and dress appropriately for the weather. If you see a potentially unsafe condition due to ice or snow, do not try to rectify the situation yourself, report the situation to Service2Facilities at 614-292-4357 (report unsafe ice or snow conditions in the Wexner Medical Center  to 614-293-8645).

Winter Travel Tips

  • When traveling during inclement weather, be sure to plan ahead, allow extra time and dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Know your route and pay special attention to changing and/or declining weather conditions.
  • Take it slow to avoid slipping and sliding and remain alert as you move on and around campus.
  • Allow additional distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you during snowy and ice conditions.
  • Be sure to keep your vehicle windows, head, tail and break lights clear of ice and snow.
  • Keep your gas tank filled to at least half, check your tires' pressure and do not leave any medications or electronic devices like a cell phone and laptop in your car.
  • Prepare a winter emergency kit for your vehicle. Be sure to include a flashlight, battery-powered radio, extra batteries, blankets, hats and gloves, first aid kit, emergency flares and shovel, cell phone charger as well as water and nonperishable food items. Additional ideas can be found here.
  • Wear sensible shoes and dress in layers for travel between destinations.
  • Like bridges, garage rooftops freeze more quickly and remain cold longer than pavement at ground level. Exercise caution when driving and walking throughout all levels of the garages. View CampusParc's Garage Rooftop Status webpage for updates on closures.
  • Obtain real-time CABS bus arrival information via the Ohio State app to plan your route. Be sure to review break and university holiday CABS service schedules.
  • Riding COTA? Visit for service info.
  • If you need a place to store your bicycle during the winter months, rent a bicycle locker.
  • Additional tips can be found here.

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