OSUPD Staff Sergeant Receives Award for COVID-19 Response

The Licking County Board of Health named OSUPD Staff Sergeant Adam Featherling as its 2021 Public Health Guardian Award recipient recognizing his hard work and dedication in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Featherling received the award at the Board of Health meeting Tuesday evening. 

Chad Brown, Licking County’s health commissioner, recognized Featherling for his help with coordinating and implementing their COVID vaccination clinics on Ohio State’s Newark campus. Brown credits Featherling for helping ensure successful clinics on campus that led to more than 35,000 people being vaccinated.

“Staff Sergeant Featherling was always available to answer questions and assist us during our clinics,” Brown said. “I cannot imagine how our vaccination effort would have gone if he were not involved and as helpful as he was during the clinics.”  

Featherling credits Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety staff for their hard work responding to the Coronavirus.

“The public safety team made sure students, faculty and staff were safe and made sure Newark campus buildings were secure,” Featherling said.

Featherling has been with OSUPD since July 2018. He has worked in law enforcement in Licking County for over 25 years.