In the News: University Police Chief details how to prevent on- and off-campus theft

The Ohio State University Police Chief Craig Stone sat down with The Lantern to discuss how the campus community can help prevent and deter crimes of opportunity like theft.

“You never know who is watching you or who has an intent and sees a chance of committing a criminal act,” Stone told The Lantern.

OSUPD advises all students to look out for their fellow Buckeyes, and if they see something, say something. Report suspicious behavior to University Police (614-292-2121) or off-campus Columbus Police (614-645-4545). Please lock doors and windows and do not leave valuables unattended. It takes only a few minutes for a thief to capitalize on unattended items. Do not let unknown people into residence halls, and if you notice anything missing, report it to police. Crime is never the fault of the victim.

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