The Ohio State University Becomes StormReady

The Ohio State University is officially StormReady, according to the National Weather Service. The designation highlights Ohio State’s commitment to alerting the campus community about severe weather.

“The safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors is our number one priority,” said Jay Kasey, senior vice president for the Office of Administration and Planning. “We are proud to become one of four Ohio universities to meet the high standards set forth by the National Weather Service.”

To achieve the StormReady designation, communities or universities that apply must meet or exceed specific criteria based on population. The criteria involve having methods for both receiving and communicating information about severe weather, as well as engaging community members in education.

“The Department of Public Safety utilizes a combination of Buckeye Alert Notifications and social media messages to inform all our campuses of severe weather information,” said Bob Armstrong, director of Ohio State’s Office of Emergency Management and Fire Prevention. “Due to its size, Ohio State had to meet the same requirements as local counties such as Franklin, Cuyahoga and Hamilton.”

Ohio State is one of 187 colleges or universities nationwide to achieve a StormReady designation, thanks to collaboration between the Department of Public Safety and the Office of Student Life.

The official presentation of the StormReady designation occurred during the 20th annual Severe Weather Symposium on March 4 at the U.S. Bank Conference Theater.