Building Fire / Explosion

Procedures To Follow

Remember RACE

  • Rescue – Rescue yourself; followed by others permitting it is safe to do so, by exiting the building where you are safe outside. Stay low to the ground…smoke is more deadly than fire!
  • Alert others by activating the fire alarm on the way out.
  • Close – Close the door on the way out.
  • Evacuate – Extinguish the fire only if it is safe to do so and you know how – otherwise evacuate, close the door, and sound the alarm on the way out.

If the fire is small and you have received training, attempt to extinguish it with a fire extinguisher or other available means. Do not jeopardize your personal safety.

Never allow fire to come between you and an exit.

Information to Know

  • Location of incident
  • Possible cause of incident
  • Your location
  • Your phone number
  • Floors affected
  • Noises before or after you smelled smoke and/or heard explosion/ audible alarm
  • Location of the nearest fire extinguisher and pull station
  • Know two ways out