Bomb Threat

Procedures to Follow

Telephone Threat

  1. Try to remain calm.
  2. If you have caller ID, record incoming phone number.
  3. If another person is close by, notify him/her of the call and ask them to call 9-1-1.
  4. Upon hanging up, immediately call 9-1-1 and give the specific details of the call to the police dispatcher.
  5. To avoid panic, do not announce the call to other occupants of the building.
  6. Notify the office manager, building coordinator, or other person in charge about the call.
  7. University Police will decide when and if to evacuate and summon outside assistance.

Written/Parcel Threats

  1. Try to remain calm.
  2. Keep people from handling or going near the package.
  3. Do not use portable radio equipment within 100 feet of suspicious item. THIS INCLUDES CELL PHONES!
  4. Immediately call 9-1-1. DO NOT USE A CELL PHONE!
  5. Promptly write down everything you can remember about how you received the letter or parcel or how you found the package.
  6. Do not discuss the threat with other staff members.
  7. Follow all Public Safety Instructions.

Information to Know

Most bomb threats that are called to an office or person are intended to disrupt normal business and activities and do not usually involve a bomb. Nonetheless, every bomb threat must be considered real until investigated to ensure safety of building occupants.

In most instances, the call will be very brief; however, attempt to keep the caller on the phone as long as possible.