Dear Ohio State Community Member:

You are receiving this notice because a crime has occurred that is considered to be of a concern and/or a continuing threat to the campus community.

The purpose of this message is to heighten your safety awareness by providing community members with information necessary to take appropriate precautions, enable you to take actions to help increase your safety, and to aid in the prevention of similar crimes.

Public Safety Notice For:
Campus Area,
Academic Area
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Alert Code:
The following crime occurred in:
On Campus
On 9/20/16, at approximately 2:47 p.m., a female student reported that she was fondled by an unknown male. The female student reported that she was sitting on a bench outside of Knowlton Hall (275 W. Woodruff Ave.) when an unknown male approached and asked if he could sit down beside her. Moments later, the suspect fondled her lower body before fleeing east toward Hitchcock Hall.
The suspect is described as a black male with a light complexion and a goatee. It is reported that he is approximately 40 years old and was wearing black pants, a bright orange t-shirt, blue or dark colored athletic style shoes and large-framed black sunglasses at the time of the incident. OSU Police is actively investigating and the community should report any known details by calling 614-292-2121.
As a reminder, sexual assault is any sexual activity that occurs in the absence of consent and can include sexual activity with someone whose judgment is impaired by alcohol/drugs, whether ingested voluntarily or unknowingly. Responsibility lies with the perpetrator, not the survivor. No one deserves, asks for, or provokes sexual assault. Most perpetrators assault someone they know. Sexual assault occurs in all communities and people of all genders can be survivors. Additional resources are available at: http://advocacy.osu.edu/sexual-violence/get-help/.
Becoming the victim of any crime is no one's fault. We remind you to increase your overall safety by being cautious and looking out for one another; being aware of your surroundings and looking assertive; walking with a trusted friend or co-worker, when possible; if a situation makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, choose an alternative. Please utilize transportation services, when possible, and take advantage of our additional safety resources, such as the Student Safety Service Safe Ride program: https://dps.osu.edu/safe-ride