Request Public Safety Services

Welcome to the OSUPD's Online Request for Public Safety services.  Fill out the following information as completely as possible.  Requests for services should be submitted no less than 3 weeks prior to event date in order to allow for sufficient planning.  Please note that a minimum of 24 hours is required for cancellation.  We use a secure environment (SSL) during the transaction of information from you to us.  University Police Special Events will assist in determining the number of officers needed in order to maintain a safe event.  An asterik (*) symbolizes a required field.  All dates should be entered as mm/dd/yyyy and all times should be entered as hh:mm.

1. Event Information

    *Event Name:

    *Type of Event: Other:

    *Est. Attendance:


    NOTE:3-hour minimum per officer applies.

    (1) *Date of Event:

    *Start Time:

    *End Time:

    (2) Date of Event:

    Start Time:

    End Time:

    (3) Date of Event:

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2. Additional Event Information

    Will any streets need to be closed (parade,runs,etc.)?

    Will event elicit an emotional response or controversy?

    Will alcohol be served (either for sale or for free)?

    If yes, you need to contact Legal Affairs (292-0611) to secure the proper permit.

    Will the money be collected on site?

    Will your event bring more than 50 vehicles to campus and require special parking? (yes, no)

    If the event is outdoors, has an alternate rain site been scheduled and approved?

    Depending upon the location of your event, space usage must be approved
    by one of the following departments:

    • Scheduling (292-1616)
    • Athletics/Schottenstein (292-2661)
    • Ohio Union (292-5200)

    Please indicate which department has approved your request and the person who gave the approval:
      Approved by

    Type of services needed:

    Police Medics Security Traffic Parking Unsure

    Additional Information:

3. Sponsor Information

    *Sponsor Department/Organization:
    *Requestor Name:
    *Street Address(1):
    Street Address(2):




    *Phone: () -

    Fax: () -


    University Departments and/or Organizations ONLY:







Note: The sponsor is responsible for the group and insures that the requestor has the necessary financial resources to cover all costs of the event.

If you have any questions email the Special Events Coordinator, or call at 614.688.3211.