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The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety

Emergency Phones

Oops! We need your help! Sometimes the emergency number, 9-1-1, is accidentally dialed when trying to reach a number off campus. If you dial the number by mistake please stay on the line and explain to the dispatcher that no emergency exists. Also, please dial the numbers carefully when dialing off-campus, particularly long distance, to avoid the error.

Thanks for helping us serve you.

There are now 166 emergency phones placed around the campus to give you direct access to the University Police Communications Center. When you push the button, you will be in immediate contact with the dispatcher. Each time an emergency phone is activated, an officer is sent to investigate. If you do not have enough time to speak into the receiver the phone will be activated just by pushing the button. You are encouraged to use these phones to report suspicious activity, crimes in progress, and fire or medical emergencies, or to seek other assistance.

Emergency assistance is also available through 911. For non-emergency service call 292-2121.