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Bicycle Safety

On campus conflict between pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles is a concern for everyone. With increasing frequency these conflicts result in crashes causing injury and property damage to persons and vehicles involved. Safety is the responsibility of us all.

In Ohio, bicycles are required to follow the rules of the road the same as cars. One-way streets, stop signs, riding on the right side of the road, and yielding to pedestrians are some of the requirements for bicycle operators. University traffic rules also require that bicycles not be ridden on sidewalks even when a short cut across the Oval is desired.

Your cooperation in making this a safe environment for bicycle riders, pedestrians and cars is appreciated.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Safety tips to prevent bicycle theft: Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycle Registration

The Ohio State University, the City of Columbus, and the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) have teamed up to expand the campus Bug Your Bike bicycle registration program city-wide. The City of Columbus Bug Your Bike program, which includes bicycle registration and a radio frequency identification device (RFID) for bicycles, is free. A registered bicycle that is lost or stolen is more likely to be found and returned. To register your bicycle online or for more details, visit

For more information, see our Program Announcements page.

Two locks are better than one

U or O-shaped locks seem to work best in deterring bicycle theft. When parking, lock both rims and the frame to a bike rack to make the bike more secure. Use only bike racks not small trees or outside furniture, and keep walks and stairways unobstructed.

Prevent crime: when it's parked for an extended period, occasionally move your bike to show you are keeping a watchful eye.

To register your bicycle online, visit

If all fails, report thefts to police as soon as they are detected.

Ohio Bicycle Traffic Laws

Digest of Ohio Bicycle Traffic Laws by the Ohio Bicycle Federation